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A superior quality
liquid oat base

A team of oat experts since 2014

Oatbox’s reputation for manufacturing and marketing products made with Canadian oats is well established. From monthly subscription boxes to its introduction in major grocery chains in Quebec, Oatbox products have won over a growing customer base across North America.

The Oatbox Group now markets its own liquid oat base manufactured in its world-class plant in Eastern Canada. We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards to offer this key ingredient for plant-based innovation to all companies seeking to innovate responsibly and sustainably.


Food services

Canadian oat products for
busy corporate clients

Speciality coffees

An oat drink with exceptional
vegetable microfoam


Easily enhance your meal and
snack offer

Food manufacturers

The key ingredient in your
plant-based innovations


Canadian oat products
meet the expectations of
a growing customer base


Already available at Métro, Maxi, IGA, Rachel Béry and others, Oatbox Canadian oat products have become a staple in the natural and sweet grocery aisles.

Non-GMO, vegan and filled with top-quality natural ingredients, our oatmeal mixes, granolas, soft bars and beverages are available in a variety of formats.

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